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Antila 22 is a modern looking boat. While we were designing her we took care about users’ comfort. There is a double bunk at bow and bunk under cockpit which is not smaller than in Antila 24. We also offer functional and original caboose with gas cooker and work surface with sink. There is also sanitary cabin opposite. On the amid ship there are two convertible couches. We would like to emphasize that mess is 1,78 m high.

Antila 22 is the only boat available on the market which at 22 feet of length allows the full standing position In the mess.



Yacht’s equipment:

  • Outboard engine 4 KM with reverse gear
  • Set of sails (main + jib) and lazy jack
  • Steady forestay with a roll jib
  • Full batten main on rolls with an option to reef
  • Mast stepping system + tackle (gate)
  • Security and life saving equipment
  • Handrail
  • Chemical WC
  • Electrical wiring with the battery 230V
  • Phone charging spot
  • Radio tuner with mp3
  • Gas stove
  • Sink
  • Drinking water installation
  • Full tourist gas machine
  • Fuel container
  • A fully equipped galley (caboose)
  • Full tableware
  • External ladder
  • Table in the cockpit
  • Awning
  • Production date 2014
  • Crew 6
  • Total length 6,78 m
  • Total width 2,60 m
  • Cabin height 1,78 m
  • Min/max submersion 0,35-1,35 m
  • Sals surface 23,1 m2
  • Engine 4 KM
  • WC cabin  
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